archaeological section

archaeological section
puratattva vibhaag

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  • Archaeological section — In archaeology a section is a view in part of the archaeological sequence showing it in the vertical plane, as a cross section, and thereby illustrating its profile and stratigraphy. This may make it easier to view and interpret as it developed… …   Wikipedia

  • Archaeological phase — and phasing refers to the logical reduction of contexts recorded during excavation to near contemporary archaeological horizons that represent a distinct phase of previous land use. These often but not always will be a representation of a former… …   Wikipedia

  • Archaeological illustration — is the graphical recording of material derived from an archaeological context. Barker 1977] Archaeological Illustration encompasses a number of sub disciplines. These are:* Surveying: To produce an accurate record of sites and buildings and to… …   Wikipedia

  • Section — may refer to:* Section (bookbinding), papers folded during bookbinding * Section (botany) * Section (category theory), also in homological algebra, and including: ** Section (fiber bundle), in topology ** Part of a sheaf (mathematics) * Section… …   Wikipedia

  • Archaeological plan — In an archaeological excavation, an archaeological plan is a drawn record of features (and artifacts) in the horizontal plane. It can either take the form of a multi context plan, which is drawn with many contexts on it to show relationships… …   Wikipedia

  • Archaeological context — In archaeology, not only the context (physical location) of a discovery is a significant fact, but the formation of the context is as well. An archaeological context is an event in time which has been preserved in the archaeological record. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Archaeological sequence — The archaeological sequence or sequence for short, on a specific archaeological site can be defined on two levels of rigour. # Normally it is adequate to equate it to archaeological record. However, the two terms are not exactly interchangeable.… …   Wikipedia

  • Archaeological record — The archaeological record is a term used in archaeology to denote all archaeological evidence, including the physical remains of past human activities which archaeologists seek out and record in an attempt to analyze and reconstruct the past. In… …   Wikipedia

  • Archaeological natural — Natural in Archaeology is a term to denote a horizon in the stratigraphic record representing the point from which there is no anthropogenic activity on site and the archaeological record ends. Natural is often the underlying geological makeup of …   Wikipedia

  • Archaeological association — Association in archaeology has more than one meaning and is confusing to the layman. Archaeology has been critiqued as a soft science with a somewhat poor standardization of terms.Finds and objectsAssociated finds or objects refers to a close… …   Wikipedia

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